in the development of oil deposits.

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Clear and simple investment, withdrawal operations take only 3 clicks. Regular, high-yield dividends. Legal protection for funds invested. The latest news and updates from analysts.

  • Minimal risks
  • Equal rights and opportunities are available for investors
  • A wide choice of payments systems are available for adding funds/withdrawal

Our vast experience in international business is on tap.


Our clients are confident not only in the safety and security of their funds, but also of their growth.


We have broad opportunites for doing business and we don't rely on credit for funding.


Any interested person has the potential to invest safely in our company.


All operations take place automatically, in order to save time for both you and us.


Our leading experts quickly and efficiently carry out both analytical and technical support. Online 24 hours a day. Get quick answers to all your questions!

How we work

1. Sign up

Simply registering gives you access to your own personal account and allows you to perform operations with funds.

2. Invest

Refill your account balance in any way convenient to you.

3. Earn

Accrual of your first percentage from your deposit will happen on a daily basis, in just 24 hours after your initial investment.

4. Make a profit

You can withdraw the funds that have accrued in your account in any way convenient for you.


Country Operation type User Payment system Amount
Deposit package 70 days*

Accrual of the first interest on the deposit takes place after 24 hours. Withdrawal of accrued interest may be carried out in any manner reasonable for you.

* - interest accrued on business days

3% per day *

Deposit calculator

This calculator will help you calculate the return on your investment.

per day, a total of